was born and bred in Tbilisi – capital of Georgia. He moved to Prague, Czech Republic, in 1992.
Since September 2002 Jemal has been living and working in Bristol, UK


1967-74 State Academy of Arts, Tbilisi  (MFA)         
(The faculty of visual arts, design and sculpture)


1969/72/74 - Museum of the State Academy of Arts, Tbilisi, Georgia.
1977 - Solo exhibition. The House of Artists, Tbilisi.
1978-79 - The State Picture Gallery, Tbilisi.
1978 - N. Ostrovski’s museum, Sochi, Russia.
1992/93 - Two Georgian artists’ exhibition, Pegas gallery, Teplice, Czech Republic.
1994 - Family exhibition, National Library, Prague Czech Republic.

2001 - Solo exhibition, Gallery Nora, Prague.

2004 - Clifton Gallery, Bristol, UK.

2003/04/05/06/07 - Art exhibition for Friends of the Royal West Of England Academy, Bristol.

2011 - "The Bridge", Centrespace Gallery, Bristol.

2012 - 2012 Holburne Portrait Prize, Bath, UK

2012 - Pre-selected for the BP Portrait Award 2012 at the National Portrait Gallery, London

2014 - Figuratively Speaking, The Grant Bradley Gallery, Bristol

2015 - Pre-selected for The Royal Society of Portrait Painters Open Exhibition, Mall Gallery, London 

Works in museums:

Museum of the State Academy of Arts, Tbilisi (3 canvases, 1 pencil drawing);
Museum of Modern art, Yerevan, Armenia (1 canvas);
N.Ostrovski’s museum, Sochi, Russia (1 canvas)

Private collections in:

Tbilisi (Georgia), Moscow, St. Petersburg (Russia), Jerusalem (Israel), Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey (USA), Bogota (Colombia), Auckland (New Zealand), Madrid, Alicante (Spain), Stockholm (Sweden), Prague (Czech Republic), London, Bristol (England), Leipzig, Berlin (Germany)

Dividing his time between the UK, Prague and Georgia Jemal paint everything that catches his eye and imagination from landscapes, still life to female forms and portraits.  Using a palette knife and brush Jemal creates thickly textured paintings that are rich in colour and depth. "I always painted and will always paint what I want and how I want and not what is popular and the thing today, says the artist. Portraits are my biggest passion. A particular painting reflects my mood and a spontaneous outpouring of emotions that occurs at the moment I work with a sitter. I know that I catch something in my models that no one else can see. I possess a penetrating gaze and can capture a moment that will never come back. I feel that it is not me but someone else who moves my brushes and palette knives when I create my work. Sometimes I think that I paint time and state of mind, not a person, and when the portrait is finished it will live its own mysterious life and lives forever, passing through the years".  Jemal’s works reflect his philosophy of life: contemplation, absorption, harmony and deep reflection, purity, absence of showiness and simplicity of existence.